Life Ins., Disability Income & Long Term Care

Life can be short.


Hey, you never know...

Term Life  for Family & Businesss Security Planning

Whole Life  and Universal Life Plans.

James Smith is concerned over his recent losses in his IRA balances and real estate investments, which he was planning to leave to his children and grandchildren to help assure their financial security after he is gone. He is looking for a way to be assured and be more confident he will be able to pass on an inheritance to his three children, and his grandchildren.
Life insurance! Life insurance is an asset that can efficiently transfer wealth within a family. Life insurance can be structured to pay a known death benefit amount at the insured's death.  Affluent families and individuals often use life insurance as part of their wealth transfer planning because it may provide a unique combination of potential advantages: 

  • Estimateable Value
  • Growth/Leverage
  • Avoids Probate
  • Value Not Directly Linked To Market Performance
  • Income Tax-Free Payment
  • May Avoid Estate Taxes
  • Easily Divisible

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Should you elect a pension single life only payout or joint and survivor? Get the most out of your pension benefits with proper  Pension Maximization planning.

How do you pay your bills if disabled?

Life may be very long. No way you can

What is your plan for Long Term Care needs?

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Someone always pays for the insurance (cash if available, cash plus interest on a loan, or time and work to pay the bills off). Why not transfer the risk to the Insurance companies and away from your family or business. The benefits, most often, far out weigh the premium cost and are available when it is needed the most.

INSURANCE, you have to own it before you need it .... it is there when you need it.